Hairstylist Duomo

Our Stylist and Technical Color are constantly trained and updated on the latest fashion trends in academia Wella Milan, reference in Europe.

Service Price
Styling from 20 €
Haircut 24 €
Haircolor from 42 €

Couture Color is the most premium hair beauty experience available in salon. Each service is dedicated to the craft of exquisite, personalised colour. Customised looks as unique as you, using the most superior products to achieve the result you want.

Servizio Prezzo
Highlights from 55 €
Hand blending 75  €
Foil Highlights from 75 €

Blonde is dominating the color sector. Whether it’s for subtle self-expression or dramatic statement looks, blonde influences continue unabated. Discover Blondor’s complete menu that empowers you to achieve excellence across the full blonde spectrum.

Service Price
Brazilian Lissage 300 €
Cocktail 34 €
Reconstruct Keratin 22 €
Scalp Cleansing 45 €

Derma Renew Therapy removes dead skin cells and excess sebum to renew scalp skin up to 34% faster than untreated skin and provide the perfect foundation for thicker, fuller looking hair.

Service Price
Man haircut & phon 26 €
Beard 20 €
Barber Director Cut&NewLook 50 €

Beauty Spa Duomo

WAXING Wax Honey is a soft wax that nourishes and protects skin with conditioning Vitamin E and Arnica Extract.

Service Price
Full Legs & Bikini 40 €
Full Legs 35 €
Full Arms 25 €
Bikini 14 €
Brazilian Bikini 20 €
Armpits 14 €
Back / Abdomen 30 €
Facial from 10 €
Eyebrows from 10 €


Service Price
Manicure 17 €
Manicure SPA 30 €

Wellness begins from the hands here is a relaxing and rejuvenating manicure with exfoliation and nourishment of tissues , followed by a massage relaxing.

Service Price
French manicure 25 €
Pedicure 35 €
Healing pedicure from 40 €
Pedicure SPA 70 €

a relaxing and rejuvenating pedicure with exfoliation and nourishment of tissues , followed by a massage relaxing.


Service Price Time
Deep Cleansing Facial from 55 € 1h 30 min

This deep pore cleansing treatment uses natural fruit enzymes to clear the skin of cellular buildup that causes blackheads and breakouts. The treatment includes essential fatty acids and is fortified with a melange of beta carotenes to help correct environmental damage to the skin. Using 100% natural plant-based products free of synthetic ingredients, this clarifying treatment will nourish the skin from the inside out. Especially beneficial to eliminate impurities, restore balance, and nourish dull, devitalized skin. This treatment includes a fruit enzyme peel.

Service Price Time
Oxygenating and lightening treatment 80 € 1h 15 min
Anti-age treatment 80 € 1h 15 min
Hyaluronic acid tratment 25 € 1h 30 min
Illuminating eye treatment 40 € 1h
Makeup from 35 €


Service Price
Body scrubs 50 €

luxurious exfoliating body scrub to your regular skincare routine to buff away old skin and stimulate microcirculation. Our body scrubs, body polishes and massagers are packed with Community Fair Trade organic ingredients to leave your skin feeling super-smooth.

Service Price Time
Lymphatic drainage massage 50 € 1h

type of gentle massage which is intended to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart.

Service Price Time
Relaxing body and facial massage 70 € 1h 15min

relaxing muscle tension

Service Price Time
Massage postural 60 € 1h

relaxant for back and neck problems


Service Price
Wedding makeup from 150 €
Wedding premium pack* 140 €

* Manicure SPA, pedicure SPA, ossigentante viso