Reference hairdresser in the capital of fashion

The pursuit of excellence is the value that has guided Alexim since its birth. We wanted to create something unique but at the same time something that could give emotions.

We have chosen to start from Milan, an international laboratory of ideas, the beating heart of a refined and disruptive creativity, to start a journey that could reflect the liveliness and the vitality of an ever-changing metropolis.

A path that is enriched by small steps, a path in which more and more people take part, our customers, our strength. It is they who, putting their trust in us every day, become our best ambassadors. Bearers of a testimony of quality and uniqueness that distinguish us.

Those who choose Alexim, choose a total experience that involves all the senses, choose to rely on style professionals, who know how to enhance every aspect and nuance of personality, choose a refined and classy environment always updated on trends and fashions.

Fashion, Design and Creativity are the ingredients of the Made in Italy that the whole world envies us. What binds and unites these three elements is passion, the key to opening the door to success.

Our continuous and passionate research of quality products and cutting-edge techniques has made us the point of reference for those who want to experience a rejuvenating and stimulating experience on their own skin.